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Solon promises to help Acorda’s effort to “cleanse” the PNP.

On Wednesday, a senator encouraged Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr., the new head of the Philippine National Police (PNP), to put “internal cleansing” first and organize the organization’s affairs.

Assuring Acorda of his assistance in resolving concerns impacting the PNP’s integrity, Senator Ramon Revilla Jr.

“Chief PNP Acorda needs to fix the institution first and we are with him, ” Revilla added. “Kailangang unahin ni Chief PNP Acorda na isaayos ang institusyon.”

He remarked that the PNP’s negative parts “should be weeded out immediately.”

He declared, “There are only a few bad apples in the organization and they shouldn’t be allowed to do any more harm. Ilan lang ‘yang mga masasama sa organisasyon at hindi na dapat lalo pang makapanira.”

It was brought up during the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs’ hearings regarding the murder of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo that some PNP members in the province appear to have been obedient to politicians and their agendas.

Ibalik ang tiwala ng publiko sa ating pulisya, kami lang natin. We need to restore public confidence in the police since there isn’t any matatakbuhan among the current batch of citizens to maintain peace and order. Revilla pleaded, “We need to fix and assist the institution rise again. Our people have no one to rely on for the peace and order.

“Only if there is openness and responsibility can it happen. Hold accountable those who need to be held accountable (Panagutin ang mga dapat managot),” he continued.

Revilla brought up the upcoming investigation by the same committee, which will be led by Senator Ronald Dela Rosa, into the alleged cover-up in the PHP6.7 billion drug operation that was carried out last year and in which police Master Sgt. Rodolfo Mayo Jr. was apprehended in Tondo, Manila, and discovered to be in possession of 990 kilograms of shabu.

Recently, Revilla submitted Senate Resolution No. 564, which orders the appropriate Senate committees to launch the investigation.

Acorda promised to keep purging PNP ranks in his speech at the change of command ceremony held on Monday at Camp Crame.

“To Police General Rodolfo Azurin Jr., my predecessor, I would like to express my gratitude for the knowledge and outstanding legacy you have left behind in the department. Sir, you can be sure that I will continue to support your efforts to purge the PNP,” Acorda stated.

No police officer should ever deal with illegal narcotics, according to Acorda.

You’ll incur fees and lose access to the service. This is my formal warning to every single one of you. Our campaign will combine vigorous operations with comprehensive prevention strategies, he said.

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