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PNP: May Day events were peaceful.

According to the Philippine National Police (PNP), the Labor Day public events organized by several labor, transportation, and cause-oriented groups concluded peacefully and orderly on Monday.

“So far, from our monitoring since this morning, the rallies and public assemblies held by our countrymen who want to express their feelings are relatively peaceful and going well, especially when the government is present,”

In Region 4A (Calabarzon), several public gatherings have peacefully dispersed, while in Manila, there was a march at the rallying point at Mendiola, according to Fajardo. They have not reported any unpleasant incidents, and the traffic management is efficient thanks to their cooperation.

“Since we started monitoring earlier, the biggest we monitored was around 11 a.m. to 12 noon then we mon (Since we started monitoring earlier, the biggest we monitored was around 11 a.m. to 12 noon then we mon.

She reaffirmed that the police would give respect for human rights and the freedom of speech and expression top priority.

“Our Chief PNP Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr. warned our field commanders to be calm and cool-headed, and the maximum tolerance we are enforcing is still the policy we are enforcing right now,” she said.

She added that there is no need to elevate the alert level for the PNP because local police commanders have been granted the power to do so based on the circumstances in their jurisdictions.

According to PNP head Gen. Benjamin Acorda Jr., 59,587 police officers were deployed nationwide to maintain public safety and peace during May 1 Labor Day celebrations.

According to Acorda, the police troops already on duty will be sufficient to maintain law, order, and security across the board.

All police officers were reminded to adhere to police operational procedures, respect human rights, and the maximum tolerance policy.

Acorda stated on Sunday that “the PNP will assist in all lawful and peaceful activities in commemoration of Labor Day.”

He noted that the PNP has collaborated with other government authorities to ensure the celebration will be conducted peacefully.

Labor organizations and progressive organizations typically organize large-scale protests and events to honor Labor Day.

Labor Day Job Fairs staged simultaneously in Marikina.

During the celebration of Labor Day (May 1), the Office of Marikina 1st District Representative Marjorie Ann “Maan” Teodoro held concurrent job fairs at Marikina City Hall and SM City Marikina to give residents of Marikina City a long-term solution by offering job opportunities.

In her speech at the job fair in SM Marikina, Teodoro said, “We in Marikina, we want not just short-term aid, we want long-term help, and these jobs that we will give and get for our countrymen will be a great thing for their families.

The congresswoman claimed that 35 organizations attended the employment fair hosted at SM City Marikina while 15 companies participated in the one held at the quadrangle of the Marikina City Hall.

“We got going in the quadrangle of Marikina City Hall. There were 120 candidates in all. Akala ko ho ang dami na nun, but when I went to SM Marikina, the number of job seekers doubled to 300,” she gushed. “We have 35 companies in total here at SM Marikina and in the Marikina City Hall quadrangle, naman. Inside the Marikina City Hall are 15 companies, all of which are high caliber, din naman.”

Teodoro clarified that they had concurrent job fairs since some job searchers prefer the city hall’s location because it is closer and easier for them to get to.

So, “we’re doing simultaneous because we know that there are some job seekers who sometimes don’t want to go out there in the vicinity of Marikina town, the ones from far away, Fortune, Nangka, and Concepcion Dos, go to the City Hall because,” Fortune, Nangka, and Concepcion Dos said.

According to the lawmaker, jobseekers could also take advantage of a free shuttle service that ran from SM Marikina to Marikina City Hall and vice versa.

Carmela Torres, an undersecretary at the Department of Labor and Employment, praised the lady solon for holding concurrent job fairs in Marikina City.

“Congresswoman [Maan], we applaud you for taking on this project. In her remarks, she stated, “We are here from the Department of Labor and Employment to help you and to provide you with whatever data you need.

The senator congratulated all the businesses who participated in the concurrent employment fairs of Marikina City on behalf of her husband, Mayor Marcelino “Marcy” Teodoro.

“We thank all of the organizations who have joined us today on behalf of our mayor, Marcy Teodoro. You have made it possible for us to realize the hopes of our job searchers, she remarked.

At least 36 job seekers were employed immediately by businesses attending the job fair at SM Marikina at 11 a.m.

Companies include Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations, banks, transportation companies, food chains, grocery chains, telecommunications companies, shoe manufacturers, several government agencies, and schools participating in the concurrent job fairs.

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