June 28, 2021

It is too early to determine how hazardous the Delta strain is

Experts have observed that the Delta coronavirus strain is more infectious than the other coronavirus strains.

Natalya Pshenichnaya, Deputy Director for Clinical and Analytical Work at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology, told TASS that it is too early to determine how deadly the virus is.

“So far, it’s impossible to tell how tough the Indian strain is to cultivate. At this point, we only know that it is more infectious than usual. In India, for example, a single sick individual may infect up to six people “” she said.

According to Pshenichnaya, the rapid rise of Covid-19 in Russia may be the result of a failure to adhere to preventative measures in the country.

According to her, “we cannot rest until we have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus,” which she believes should be done immediately.

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