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Aboitiz begins a project to build cold storage for farmers in Nueva Vizcaya

To decrease food waste and improve the nation’s food supply chain, The Aboitiz Group has opened its second prototype cold storage facility.

Aboitiz said the cold storage unit, which is situated in the Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal (NVAL), enables farmers and dealers to effectively keep their surplus produce, in a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Thursday.

The Fresh Depot project of the Aboitiz Group aims to build a substantial database that the government can use to strengthen its agriculture programs.

The difficulties that Filipino farmers encounter sometimes make it difficult to know where to begin. This was an easy response once we realized that cold storage technology might stop about half of their products from rotting between harvest and consumption, according to Emilie Sydney-Smith, chief transformation officer at Aboitiz Equity Ventures.

Farmers will soon be able to invest in other items that can start a positive feedback loop in their prosperity since they will be rewarded for the majority, not half, of their produce. By digitally monitoring the use of cold storage, we can also assist the government in better understanding how to assist farmers, Sydney-Smith continued.

NVAT is a significant center for the trading of vegetables, attracting growers, merchants, and purchasers from all across Luzon.

Currently, the private sector owns 85.29 percent of NVAT’s shares, while the government holds the remaining 14.71 percent.

The cold storage facility will allow farmers and traders to maintain the quality of their fresh food before it is delivered to the market, according to NVAT general manager Gilbert Cumila.

Additionally, it will make it possible to digitize farm data. To help the nation’s agriculture industry get ready for the future, we are equally dedicated to seeing this project through to completion, Cumila said.

In Benguet, Aboitiz unveiled its first pilot cold storage unit earlier this year.

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