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PBBM seeks to establish closer ties with more nations.

In order to reduce the rising tensions in Taiwan, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has underlined the necessity to build stronger relationships and keep “developing cooperation” with other nations.

Marcos said the situation on the island is “new,” necessitating “new” solutions, which is why “we are now formulating those partnerships between all the different countries” during a conference organized by the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC.

“Patuloy ang pagpatibay natin ng ating pagsasama at pagpa-partner dito… iba’t ibang bansa na hindi lamang ‘yung mga nakapaligid sa Pilipinas,” the speaker said. ‘We are continuing to strengthen our cooperation and partnership with other countries, not just our neighboring countries, but also countries that we rarely interact with because we didn’t see the need to establish partnerships,’ said Marcos. ‘Hindi lamang ang ating karatig bansa kung hindi pati na ang mga bansa na dati hindi naman natin nakakausap.

According to him, the Philippines’ agreements and alliances with other nations should be adjusted to reflect the “needs of the day.”

Not just South Korea, not just Japan, all of the ASEAN Member States, not just Australia, not just the United States, and I think we can continue to… accomplish that, and I know that the countries… are already of the same mind,” he continued.

According to Marcos, his unifying message from the campaign is starting to apply not only to the circumstances in the Philippines but also to those throughout the world.

He stated, “They too are looking for companions to face the new world with,” adding, “Sila rin ay naghahanap na nga ng mga – magsasama upang harapin ang bagong mundo na sabay-sabay.”

Additionally, the President reaffirmed the foreign policy of his administration, which is that “the Philippines shall continue to be a friend to all and an enemy of none.”

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