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Solon urges the passage of legislation to protect the people from the perils of AI.

Robert “Ace” Barbers, a representative from Surigao del Norte’s 2nd district, voiced concern on Tuesday after learning that the “Godfather of Artificial Intelligence (AI),” a former Google developer, believes the modern technology it helped create poses risks to society and humanity.

Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “AI Godfather,” was cited in news articles as saying, “AI could murder humans, and there might be no way to stop it. In addition, there have been concerns expressed by advocacy groups and IT experts that the new generation of AI-powered chatbots may be used to distribute false information and eliminate jobs, the speaker noted.

As soon as he became aware of the danger, Barbers urged his House of Representatives colleagues to swiftly pass and enact a measure he had earlier suggested, creating a “super body” that would shield the general public from the risks and dangers posed to the world by the rapidly developing global AI technological phenomenon.

He cited news articles when he claimed that the upsurge in interest surrounding ChatGPT during the end of last year had rekindled competition among internet firms to create and integrate comparable technologies into their offerings.

According to sources, this trend is led by OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google. Still, according to Barbers, the head of the House Committee on Dangerous Drugs, IBM, Amazon, Baidu, and Tencent are also developing similar technologies. “I don’t want to come across as overly alarming. But we can do little to stop the spread and advancement of AI worldwide. And although we accept the potential advantages of AI, we also need carefully assess the major threats and concerns it poses to humans and society.

Early this year, the Mindanao senator introduced House Bill (HB) 7396, which calls for the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Development Authority (AIDA), a “super body” that would be in charge of developing and carrying out a national AI strategy.

By offering a thorough framework for the development and regulation of AI in the nation, HB 7396, also known as “An Act Promoting the Development and Regulation of AI in the Philippines,” aims to address the possible risks and problems.

The rapid technological advancement in AI also poses risks and challenges that must be addressed to ensure that its benefits are maximized, and its negative impacts are minimized, if not avoided, he said. “The Philippines recognizes the importance of AI in the country’s development, but there are risks and challenges that must be addressed,” he said.

Barbers notes how optimistically Filipinos view the possibility of AI. However, there should be a body that would serve as a “watchdog” to prevent dishonest people from abusing it or using it for their own nefarious or illegal purposes.

In order to “maglikha ng iba’t-ibang uri ng criminal schemes tulad ng financial scams, drug trafficking, at extortion,” ito ng mga masasamang loob nuong nauso ang Internet at naglabasan ang iba’t-ibang social media platforms, tulad ng Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Instagram, at iba pa. When social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Instagram, and others were created after the advent of artificial intelligence technology, dishonest people began to use them in various criminal activities, including financial scams, drug trafficking, and extortion. According to him, many people would undoubtedly employ this new AI technology for questionable purposes.

Barbers pointed out that nations including the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore have passed legislation or issued executive orders to encourage AI use while safeguarding their citizens from those who would use the transformative technology to carry out criminal schemes.

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