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BFAR is testing a sustainable crab farming scheme in a community in Iloilo.

As part of implementing the new Blue Swimming Crab National Management Plan (BSCNMP), the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) will launch its Adopt-A-Village program in Barangay Igbon in the municipality of Concepcion on Tuesday.

“This is our strategy under the Blue Swimming Crab National Management Plan, where BFAR will focus in Igbon, which is a major crabbing area,” said Remia Aparri, director of BFAR Western Visayas, in an interview on Monday.

The initiative, according to her, is an essential step in enhancing the sustainability of the nation’s blue swimming crab (BSC) production.

According to Aparri, over the program’s three-year run, they will offer technical support for the sustainable management of the crustaceans, known locally as “kasag.”

She added that they would seek to see that any applicable ordinances are followed and/or advocate for legislation to be passed that would govern and control the BSC in the region.

The launch of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Universal Fish ID, which uses a barcode to pinpoint the village where kasag goods are produced, will coincide with the project’s deployment. This will allow for product traceability in the Visayan Sea.

She claimed that because the majority of the crabs farmed in Concepcion are shipped to the US, the Fish ID has something to do with branding and sustainable production.

“We want to brand our kasag from the Philippines, specifically to model in Concepcion the practices that should be done so that our products will pass the export market, particularly the US,” she stated.

Crab-caliper, a piece of informational, educational, and outreach material from BFAR, will also be available. It will gauge a crab’s legal picking size by measuring its carapace.

After three years, according to Aparri, they want to see responsible crabbers picking just crabs that fit the permitted sizes and for the practice to result in a high yield and income.

“We hope to see the ecosystem intact to support the blue swimming crab production in the area, to be translated into income, to be translated into improving the lives of the people,” she said.

With a lot of output, they intend to support the export market, give Concepcion residents access to inexpensive consumption, and boost the province’s and the region’s overall productivity.

Aparri stated that other crab-producing regions would adopt the barangay’s best techniques.

The 61 registered fishing boats from Barangay Igbon have been shown by records from the municipal agriculture office of Concepcion to be capable of catching five to fifteen kg of crab per boat/per day.

While this is happening, BFAR and its partner organizations will also hold competitions for children at Concepcion Central School and Igbon Elementary School to create on-the-spot posters for secondary students to compete in phone photography for college students to compete in short videos about blue swimming crabs.

For the local fishermen and BSC producers in Igbon, there will also be a medical and dental mission, a free haircut, and a booth dedicated to gender and development as part of the celebration of Farmers’ and Fisherfolk’s Month in May.

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