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DOT: London campaign poster honoring overseas Filipino workers

The London advertisement, “We give the world our best,” is part of a nation-branding initiative to recognize Filipino overseas workers (OFW) abroad, according to the Department of Tourism (DOT) on Thursday.

Christina Frasco, director of tourism for the Philippines, stated that the new phrase will complement the campaign but did not specifically state whether it would take the same direction.

We will improve the current phrase with input from our stakeholders and make sure it is absolutely in line with the Philippines’ national branding, which is “We give the world our best,” she said.

According to the DOT, the advertising campaign “We give the world our best—The Philippines” was first introduced in the United Kingdom.

Frasco claimed that this was a Malacaang effort carried out by Secretary Paul Soriano of the Office of the Presidential Adviser for Creative Communications to showcase the finest of what the Philippines has to offer and to recognize the OFWs.

The branding, according to Frasco, also “serves the purpose of attracting tourists” by demonstrating that the Philippines puts its “best foot forward as a country.”

As she put it, “I think it honors (the OFWs’) hard work and the fact that they have to provide the world with excellence and service on the one hand, and on the other hand, it’s aspirational dito (here) now that we are stating that we do give our best in everything that we do, especially in terms of tourism,”

I don’t perceive a gap, therefore. I just see a chance to align with the national brand,” she continued.

The “enhanced” tourism catchphrase, which will showcase the “best of the best of the Philippines and the Filipino brand to the world,” would be unveiled by the DOT in mid-2023, according to a previous statement by Frasco.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines is the nation’s current slogan, which took the place of the WOW Philippines campaign in 2012.

May Parsons, a Filipino-British nurse who gave the first Covid-19 vaccination outside of clinical studies, had posted images of red buses with the advertisement on them.

“I hope that my brothers and sisters, Filipino nurses, would feel noticed by viewing this, not just in the UK but in the rest of the world. Let’s make some noise,” she wrote on Twitter.

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