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Aboitiz plans to develop a data center and expand his estate in Cebu.

Aboitiz on Thursday unveiled several development initiatives, including constructing a data center in Southern Luzon and its West Cebu Estate (WCE).

Rafael Fernandez de Mesa, the head of Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates, stated Thursday that the WCE’s growth program will get at least PHP800 million this year.

“At the moment, our industrial expansion spans 39 hectares. The building is still going on. We’ve set aside roughly PHP800 million this year to build this,” stated de Mesa during a press conference during the 30th anniversary of WCE.

De Mesa said the expansion proposal will create 16,000 more jobs.

WCE is being converted from a hub focused mostly on shipbuilding into a mixed-use complex that serves other industries like automotive, manufacturing, and logistics in the first phase of the expansion project, which started last year.

Additionally, Aboitiz InfraCapital intends to build full commercial sections in West Cebu Estate, including a complex with a supermarket, a food court, retail stores, basic services, and a transit hub.

Along with implementing smart technology and sustainability measures, plans for a new central business area are currently in the works.

“We’re now in the process of pinpointing additional investment that will be pouring in over the next few years to develop a commercial district,” he added.

“We have an exciting journey ahead, where West Cebu Estate will evolve into a next-generation, smart, and sustainable Economic Estate,” continued de Mesa.

The WCE is a 540-hectare mixed-use economic development with an industrial anchor.

It hosts various locators, including those for supply chain integration in shipbuilding.

WCE also provides potential locations for business hubs, dormitories, and residential neighborhoods.

Since 1995, the West Cebu Estate has drawn investments totaling PHP32 billion from its locators and produced 14,000 employment openings in the Cebu cities of Balamban, Toledo, and Asturias.

Cosette V. Canilao, president and chief executive officer of Aboitiz InfraCapital Inc. (AIC), revealed that the company plans to invest PHP4 billion to build a data center in Southern Luzon.

Regarding the data centers, Canilao stated, “We’ve already chosen the location and are doing our due diligence on the site to ensure that we can provide the necessary utilities for the data center to operate.”

The Aboitiz group’s infrastructure division, AIC, previously collaborated with US-based EdgeConneX (ECX) to establish a data center platform that will house the IT equipment of cloud service providers to advance the nation’s digital infrastructure ecosystem and meet local market demand.

“With the EdgeConneX, the ultimate goal is to construct a 100-megawatt data center, but we will start with 10 first before moving to another, perhaps larger site. Canilao estimated that the initial site would require about PHP4 billion.

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