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The Palace has decided not to conduct an antibody test after the Covid-19 vaccine.

On Wednesday, the Malacañang Palace rejected the idea of doing antibody testing after people are vaccinated against the coronavirus illness 2019. (Covid-19).

When asked whether the Palace supports the use of antibody testing to determine if a vaccinated individual already has Covid-19 antibodies, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said at a news conference, “Again, it’s a medical and scientific issue.”

While Roque agreed that the quantity of antibodies present would be established via an antibody test, he said that this will not provide any person with a guarantee that they will not catch Covid-19 in the future if they have antibodies.

As he said, although it is possible to test antibodies, just knowing that you have antibodies does not ensure that you will not have the illness in the future.

It has been recommended by the Department of Health that the public refrain from doing an antibody test after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine to determine their degree of protection against the coronavirus.

“A negative antibody test does not rule out the possibility that the Covid-19 vaccination did not function,” Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said on June 2.

Vergeire further said that all vaccinations given in the country had through a “rigorous” regulatory procedure to ensure that they are “safe and effective” against the Covid-19 strain of influenza.

She also urged those who had received vaccinations to continue to adhere to the bare minimum of public health requirements in order to be safe from Covid-19.

During a recent hearing of the House of Representatives health committee, health experts also said that antibody testing may not be the most accurate method of determining the degree of protection provided by a vaccine in certain cases.

Experts also cautioned that testing for antibodies may result in confusion rather than clarity.

A total of 10,065,414 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been given as of June 27 throughout the United States and Canada.

Around 7,538,128 people have gotten the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination, with the remaining 2,527,286 people having received the complete dose of the vaccine.

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