July 1, 2021

DAR: Farming is an excellent source of income for displaced workers

William Dar, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Cabinet Officer for Regional Development and Security (CORDS) for the Cordillera area, is encouraging people of the region to pursue farming as a viable source of income due to the high potential for profit.

When Dar delivered his message at the opening ceremony of the month-long celebration of the 34th Cordillera Day, he remarked, “For those who have been laid off from their jobs and are still struggling to make a living, I urge you to choose a career in agriculture.”

He said that the Cordillera area has the necessary circumstances to become a significant producer of rice, vegetables, sugarcane, coffee, and other upland crops, among other things.

Due to the high export quality of the goods produced in this area, Dar believes that pursuing agriculture in this region will also provide you with export possibilities.

The Cordillera Administrative Area (CAR) was established on July 15, 1997, by former President Corazon Aquino, according to Executive Order 220, in order to prepare the region for its eventual transformation into an autonomous region.

In a news conference after the kick-off program, DA-CAR Director Cameron Odsey said that farming would still be viable even under the most stringent level of community quarantine.

The iyong pangangailangan may need the use of a tanim ka. So if there is an excess, you can sell it,” Odsey said. “If there is a surplus, you can grow for your own use.

“During this tough period, we return to the land and produce.” To provide an example, the Department of Agriculture’s support (for) agriculture has enabled urban residents to grow food on their roofs, even in tiny quantities. Agricultural production is something that can be done that will help to self-sufficiency even in the event of a pandemic.”

He said that the Department of Agriculture (DA) offices across the nation have programs, initiatives, and services that they carry out in collaboration with local government units (LGUs) to benefit the general people.

He went on to say that local government units (LGUs) also have resources to assist agricultural businesses.

Agri product has a lot of potential.

Odsey said that the Department of Agriculture is in the process of establishing the export market for the products of the Cordillera.

He said that heritage rice, also known as traditional rice, Arabica coffee, and high-value crops are among those with promising futures.

Using the assistance of other agencies, such as the Departments of Trade and Science and Technology, farmers are being assisted in the formation of organizations and cooperatives to assist them in entering the world of entrepreneurship and adding value to their produce so that they can earn more money from their crops, according to Odsey.

The focus on unique commodities with specialized markets, such as the one we began on traditional rice or heritage rice that was shipped to the United States and other areas of Europe, may serve as a springboard for farmers to earn an additional source of income.

He predicted that farming and food production would not go out of style but would instead flourish as long as humans were still consuming calories.

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