July 2, 2021

The leader of the House of Representatives pushes for the approval of an anti-marital infidelity law

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Friday for the swift passage of a bill against marital infidelity that would impose the same penalties on both male and female spouses who commit sexual infidelity. The bill would impose the same penalties on both male and female spouses who commit sexual infidelity.

The appeal was made by House Deputy Speaker Eddie Villanueva, who expressed his support for the effort of the Philippine National Police (PNP) leadership to clamp down on police officers who indulge in extramarital relationships.

The proposal of PNP Chief, Gen. Guillermo Eleazar to safeguard the interests of Filipino families by penalizing marital infidelity, according to Villanueva, is a policy step in the correct way. He said that the anti-marriage infidelity law will complement the PNP’s efforts.

The PNP Chief, Guillermo Eleazar, deserves to be commended for his public condemnation of marital infidelity among members of our national police force “Villanueva expressed himself. Not only would it restore the respect and moral authority of our police officers, but it will also rescue our law enforcement officers from a lifestyle that causes and compels them to engage in corrupt practices.”

He said that exposing marital infidelity will deter police officers from engaging in conduct that is “abominable to the Almighty God.”

Eleazar has cautioned police officers who have mistresses that having extramarital relationships is a breach of their code of ethical standards, and he has said that if the accusations against them are proved to be genuine, he would not hesitate to apply penalties against them.

Additionally, Representative Domeng Rivera, a member of the CIBAC Party-list, said that marital infidelity is a significant problem in our culture that leads to more complex societal problems.

According to the author, “the lack of virtue and value for the family, which is reflected in the lax anti-infidelity provisions of the Revised Penal Code, is actually a root cause of more serious social ills bedeviling the Filipino community today, ranging from broken families to corruption in government.” “We need to take action right now to address this issue,” Rivera added.

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