July 3, 2021

2 doses are the greatest protection against a severe Covid-19 case that resulted in the death

In joining the increasing number of concerned government authorities who have been reminding the public of the necessity of getting a second dosage of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccination, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo has issued an advisory.

After citing a study from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stating that the Covid-19 vaccine had averted a rise in coronavirus illnesses and fatalities, Panelo made his plea.

Panelo said during his commentary show “Counterpoint” on Saturday that people who had received the first shot should also get inoculated with the second dose in order to be sure that they are protected against the coronavirus. “Dapat ‘yung publiko, ‘yung mga naturukan na noong una, magpaturok kayo ng dalawa para siguradong protectado na kayo ng pagkamas

Vaccinated people must, however, continue to adhere to the bare minimum of public health norms since there is no assurance that they will not contract Covid-19 after vaccination.

According to preliminary statistics released by FDA Director-General Eric Domingo on June 20, no hospitalizations or fatalities associated with Covid-19 were reported after 14 days among individuals who got the second dosage.

Only 33 Covid-19 illnesses have been recorded among the 1.6 people who got the two doses of China’s Sinovac vaccine, according to Domingo. Covid-19 infections are rare in the general population.

According to the AstraZeneca vaccination, one out of every 428,000 people who have received the vaccine was sick; similarly, one out of every 82,800 people who have received the two Pfizer vaccines was infected.

There have been no illnesses reported among the 14,000 people who got the maximum dosage of Sputnik V, according to available data.

Domingo said that all of the illnesses that had been reported were minor.

Increased blood pressure, discomfort at the injection site, headache, fever, disorientation, rashes, and respiratory symptoms are all common after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

There have been no reports of blood clotting or myocarditis occurring on the local level.

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