July 6, 2021

A task force on the Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop has been established

Republic Act (RA) No. 11234 or the Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop (EVOSS) Act, which was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte, establishes a task force to supervise the ongoing implementation of the Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop Act (EVOSS Act).

The Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop Task Group is established by Executive Order 143, which was signed by Duterte on July 2. (ETG).

Energy Ventures Online System (EVOSS), an online platform under the supervision of the Department of Energy (DOE), allows for the coordinated submission and simultaneous processing of data and information pertaining to proposals for energy project development.

This was stated in an Executive Order (EO). “It is critical maintaining the momentum and continuity of the initiatives under RA No. 11234 in relation to the streamlining of permitting and licensing processes and requirements for energy projects, in preparation for full establishment and operationalization of the EVOSS,” according to the EO.

According to the Executive Order, the ETG will be headed by the Office of the President, with the Secretary of Energy serving as Vice-Chair.

The ETG’s responsibilities include simplifying the procedures and requirements of government agencies, instrumentalities, local government units (LGUs), government-owned or -controlled companies (GOCCs), and private organizations engaged in energy projects, among other things.

The task group will also be responsible for ensuring the increasing operationalization of the EVOSS, which will include, among other things, the integration of the process flow of agencies or entities into the EVOSS, the interoperability of their existing systems with the EVOSS, and the establishment of an online payment system.

In addition, it will be backed by a Secretariat from the Department of Energy’s Investment Promotion Office (IPO), which will offer technical, operational, and administrative assistance.

In order to ensure that the order is implemented, all other government agencies and instrumentalities, including GOCCs, are instructed to provide the necessary support to the ETG. This includes participation in its meetings, deliberations, and/or proceedings, as well as other activities.

Participation in ETG meetings, discussions, and/or procedures is strongly encouraged when the ETG requests participation from the business sector.

The ETG and the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) are instructed to cooperate with one another in order to carry out their separate missions, according to the directive.

A frequently updated list of processes that are already covered by the EVOSS, as well as a list of processes that are currently being optimized in preparation for inclusion in the EVOSS, may also be sent to ARTA by the ETG.

According to RA 11234 and the order, it is necessary to make an annual report to the Office of the President on the execution of the law and the order.

In terms of financing, it will be charged against available appropriations from the Department of Energy as well as other suitable financial sources such as the Department of Budget and Management, as required.

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