July 6, 2021

PH provides 12 million doses of Covid-19 vaccinations

As of Tuesday, the Philippines has administered doses of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccinations totaling 12 million, according to Vivencio Dizon, the head of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus Disease 2019.

During a news conference in the Clark Freeport Zone, Dizon said that the government had given 2 million doses of vaccines throughout the country in the previous week alone.

So, he said in Filipino, “this is actually evidence that we are continuing to scale up our vaccination deployment.”

On Tuesday, government authorities conducted the ceremonial immunization for the A4 group in the Clark Freeport Zone, which is located in Central Luzon.

The Clark Freeport Zone alone employs about 120,000 people from the 1,200 businesses that operate inside the special economic zone.

Shipment is being held up.

Because of a delay in the shipping of the Sinovac vaccine from China, Dizon said that local government units (LGUs) had been instructed to prioritize the administration of the second dose of Sinovac vaccinations.

“We haven’t put a halt to the vaccine, but we are prioritizing administering the second dosage. Following the lead of (Health) Secretary (Francisco) Duque (III), “it is critical to provide the complete vaccination to ensure that everyone, particularly our elderly people and those with comorbidities, receives enough protection,” he stated in Filipino.

It is anticipated that the first shipment of Sinovac vaccine for this month would arrive on July 18, according to the NTF official.

“You should be aware that the shortage of supplies is the root reason of the delay —not just for Sinovac, but for all vaccines across the globe. Right present, there is a significant demand for vaccines across the globe, particularly in wealthy countries, and, unfortunately, the vast majority of vaccine supplies are directed toward wealthy nations. As a result, we, the less-developed nations such as the Philippines, are lagging behind in terms of supply,” Dizon said.

Protocols that are effective against the Delta version

In the face of growing worries over a more contagious Delta version of Covid-19, Dizon said that the country’s basic health requirements would continue to provide protection against the new variation.

We have yet to find any community transmission of the Delta variations we have discovered, which we believe are the result of returning abroad Filipinos. We are able to identify them when they enter the nation because our procedures are in place and are functioning properly. And, as a result of our quarantine (protocols), we have been able to safeguard our community,” he said.

In light of the dangers posed by the Delta version, Dizon emphasized the need of speeding up the vaccination rollout in order to prevent the public from being hospitalized as a result of Covid-19.

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