July 9, 2021

ARTA advocates for the possibility of government data exchange over the internet.

The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) is advocating for the online exchange of data on births, deaths, and marriages, among other things, with federal and state governments.

A statement issued on Friday said that the ARTA has written to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to request that this effort be made feasible as soon as possible.

In a letter to National Statistician Dennis Mapa, ARTA Director-General Jeremiah Belgica said that “other government services enjoyed by people that need certifications granted by PSA are being investigated for potential integration.”

Belgica said that the integration of this data among government departments would enable quicker and simpler transactions inside governmental offices, as well as for the general public.

He went on to say that simplifying procedures before automating them are critical for government agencies in order to avoid bringing red tape into the digital realm.

Working with the PSA, according to the ARTA head, would be another method to “disrupt the silo structure” that now exists in the government in order to promote a collaborative working atmosphere and an integrated approach in providing services to Filipinos in the future.

Belgica said that the government should also guarantee data privacy in conjunction with this initiative for data exchange across government organizations.

According to him, “we want them to really provide the data that is only required.”

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