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Plans for the Dole Expansion of the Philippines

DOLE Sunshine Co., a worldwide food and beverage business that produces the majority of its pineapples in the Philippines, plans to extend its operations in the provinces while expanding its investments in other fruits and biofuel production from agricultural waste.

In an online interview with BusinessWorld on July 14, Christian Wiegele, worldwide president of Dole Sunshine’s fresh produce division, said the firm intends to expand its farm production area in the nation. He was adamant about not revealing precise numbers.

“We’re collaborating with our local teams, governments, and partners to expand our pineapple-growing acreage. The same may be said about other well-chosen products. Mr. Wiegele said, “We certainly intend to continue developing and expanding our company here in the Philippines throughout the whole brand portfolio.”

Mr. Wiegele stated the company’s food was grown on more than 30,000 hectares of farmland in Mindanao, including Davao, General Santos City, Bukidnon, and Cagayan de Oro, as well as a small farm in Luzon.

He claims that Dole employs 40,000 people directly and indirectly and that the Philippines produces the bulk of the company’s total production, especially bananas and pineapples for sale to other nations. He didn’t provide precise production figures.

“It’s certainly more than 50% in terms of pineapple output. The bulk of our pineapples are produced in the Philippines and marketed as fresh fruit or processed goods outside of the country. Mr. Wiegele said, “For bananas, it is certainly more than half.”

“Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are the major export destinations for Dole’s fresh fruit produced in the Philippines,” he said.

Mr. Wiegele said that Dole is planning to open a new packing house in the northern portion of Mindanao as part of efforts to minimize food loss during the packing process, as well as the cultivation of other fruits such as papaya and avocado.

Employee training, biofuel, artificial intelligence technology, and drones are among the company’s other planned expenditures, according to him, to help Dole move ahead with agricultural technology.

Mr. Wiegele said, “We have some interesting ideas on repurposing our trash and some concrete advantages we are investing in biofuel, which will repurpose banana waste and pineapple waste into biofuel.”

Mr. Wiegele also said that the firm had set aside a substantial sum for capital expenditures this year, although he did not give specific numbers.

“It is certainly a sizable sum. It’s undoubtedly considerably more than $10 million. “It’s a big increase over last year,” he added.

Mr. Wiegele said that, despite the epidemic, the business expects double-digit sales growth and good momentum in the future.

He went on to say that there is adequate demand for good nourishment in marketplaces all around the globe.

“One of our business objectives is to not only expand our goods in the Philippines but also to provide those items to enterprises in the Philippines. Mr. Wiegele said, “This is one of the possibilities we have, not only to develop and export but also to provide these goods to the Philippines as a market, a very significant market in Asia.”

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