July 21, 2021

Legacies of the PRRD include the fight for migrants’ rights and the strengthening of connections

The government has been a leader in fighting for migrants’ rights in the international arena, openly criticizing the Kafala system and pioneering the acceptance of the Global Compact for Migration (GCM).

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. claimed the nation was “at the vanguard in the battle for migrants’ rights to decency, dignity, and protection against de facto slavery” during a pre-State of the Nation Address discussion on Wednesday.

“In formal diplomacy, our President accomplished the unimaginable. On the route to its promised reform, he criticized the traditional kafala system. He put kafala on the verge of extinction. He is praised by Arab countries “he said

President Rodrigo R. Duterte called for the elimination of the Kafala in 2018 and has since enlisted the help of state officials to abolish the “unjust” and “exploitative” labor system.

Qatar was the first Arab Gulf nation to enable all migrant employees to change employment before their contracts expired without first getting their employer’s permission.

Saudi Arabia followed suit last year, launching its so-called “Labour Relation Initiative,” which aims to phase out the kafala in the Kingdom.

The Philippines was also one of the nations that pushed for the approval of the Global Compact for Migrants (GCM), an international agreement in which member governments pledge to work together to safeguard migrants across the globe.

“We set the parameters of the migrant rights discussion and formed the Global Compact for Migration,” Locsin said. “It wasn’t pie in the sky, but it was doable because we had previously won those safeguards from Germany.”

Overseas, According to Locsin, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) continues to assist all Filipinos, especially those in need of repatriation.

“DFA has 94 foreign service stations in 94 different time zones across the globe. DFA works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to promote Philippine moral leadership “he said

“First, on the frontlines across the globe; the majority of people are still unvaccinated. One ambassador died, another was on the verge of dying; two consular officials were killed, and dozens more were in grave danger. They aren’t weeping, and you can’t hear them. Filipino nurses are brave and loyal “Added he.

‘Broadening cooperation’ is a phrase used to describe the expansion of collaboration.

Apart from supporting migrants’ rights and well-being, the government also increased its cooperation with the international community in the fight against terrorism.

“We strengthened our ties with the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS. And we traveled to Rome not as victims, but as victorious conquerors, having defeated ISIS in Mindanao by retaking Marawi with a harrowing combat ratio of over 1,000 local and international jihadists killed to just 165 AFP troops – much to our chagrin. And the splendor of the republic, “Locsin explained.

The top diplomat also praised the now-completed UN Joint Program, which aims to help Manila improve its national institutions to safeguard human rights via capacity-building and technical assistance.

“The initiative is based on Duterte’s mandate for non-politicized constructive and open interaction with the United Nations. The joint resolution of the Philippines and Iceland is a significant achievement for our autonomous foreign policy. Nobody tells us how to safeguard our own people. However, when we need assistance, we gratefully accept it “Locsin explained.

“We are making genuine progress in human rights while also safeguarding our society from the worst of scourges: drug trafficking, which has taken over governments in Central America, and drug addiction, which is destroying the lives of its consenting victims,” he said.

Locsin said that the Philippines was also able to establish “an international agreement that the right is with us and that might cannot ever take it away” in the West Philippine Sea.

“We put an end to the wailing and weeping over the previous administration’s spilled milk. We haven’t given up a single square inch of land. We have not compromised our claim to anything in the West Philippine Sea by words or deeds “he said

“We established an international agreement that the right is with us and that no one can ever take it away from us without courting sympathy by asking. DFA is happy to declare that just because we disagree on something doesn’t mean we have to fight about it. But we will fight when it is necessary “Added he.

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