June 6, 2021

In China, the world’s first-ever case of avian flu in a person has been recorded.

In eastern China’s Jiangsu province, the world’s first case of human infection with the avian flu virus H10N3 was reported on Tuesday, according to the National Health Commission.

A 41-year-old guy from Zhenjiang believed he was running a fever around the end of April.

When his illness worsened a few days later, he went to the doctor and was transported to the hospital. His health has improved, and he is now able to leave the hospital.

The national center for disease control and prevention evaluated the patient’s test results on May 28 and determined that he had been infected with H10N3.

All of his connections have been placed under medical supervision, but there have been no more occurrences of avian flu among them.

According to the press release, H10N3 is spread by birds since its genome research revealed that the virus lacks the potential to infect people.

Before this, no instances of H10N3 infection have been reported elsewhere in the globe. The virus is spread by birds and has a low pathogenicity.

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