July 30, 2021

Migrant workers in Japan have access to 350K jobs.

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Tokyo announced on Friday that migrant workers, especially overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), had 350,000 employment possibilities in Japan.

Labor Attaché Marie Rose Escalada said in a virtual forum that Japan is seeking to recruit international workers under the Special Skilled Worker (SSW) visa.

“The SSW was first presented in April of this year and (launched) last year. There are 14 job categories under the Special Skills Worker visa. These positions are open to all workers worldwide, not just Filipinos,” Escalada said.

Care workers, building cleaning management, machine parts and tooling industries, industrial machinery industries, electric, electronics, and information industries, construction industry, shipbuilding, and ship machinery industry, automotive repair and maintenance, aviation industry, accommodation industry, agriculture, fishery, and food and beverage manufacturing are among the job classifications covered by the SSW.

SSW is divided into two categories, according to her: SSW I and SSW II.

Workers can only stay in Japan for a maximum of five years under SSW I, and they are not allowed to bring their families with them.

Meanwhile, SSW II enables employees to remain for the same amount of time as before, but they may bring their families with them to the host nation.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have passed either the Japanese language proficiency test or the technical intern training.

At the same time, Escalada said that there is a growing market for Filipino professional basketball and volleyball players in the host country.

“There were a lot of inquiries about professional basketball players and volleyball players last month. She went on to say, “I believe two or three basketball players are currently hired by teams.”

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