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Easy Franchise Celebrates 3rd Year of #FranchiseDay: Big Surprises Await Entrepreneurs 🥳🚀

Easy Franchise Marks 3rd Year of #FranchiseDay Online Franchise Sale, Unveils Incubation Program Awardees, Franchisor Awards Honorees, and 

Exclusive Discounts for Aspiring Filipino Entrepreneurs

Makati City, Philippines- Easy Franchise, the Philippines’ first go-to platform for franchising, is set to kick off its annual “Franchise Day” starting August 28, marking the third consecutive year of the pioneering online franchise sale. In addition to unveiling exclusive promotions, discounts, and deals during Franchise Day, Easy Franchise has also announced the recipients of its Franchise Incubation Program and the outstanding honorees of the Franchise Brand Awards.

As the first and only online franchise sale in the country, Franchise Day aims to make franchising more accessible to Filipino business owners and investors.  Since its inception in February 2019, Easy Franchise has been helping interested franchisees to choose the right franchise or package that fits their needs.

“We’re really excited for Franchise Day 2023. Our brand partners are offering even bigger and better discounts this year,” said RJ Lededma, Co-Founder of Easy Franchise. “The Franchise Day sale is going to make franchising even more accessible to entrepreneurs across the country. This campaign is a testament to our commitment to supporting aspiring franchise owners.”

Commencing on August 28 and lasting until September 28, interested franchisees can apply for franchises online and take advantage of deals and discounts, with savings of up to PHP 100,000 on select franchises such as Mister Donut, Ate Rica’s Bacsilog, Razon’s by Glenn, Aquaskin, H2O Mineral Plus, Cha Tuk Chak milk tea, and many more. 

General Manager Bubbles Lim stated, “Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time business owner, the month-long online franchise sale presents a unique chance to access the best deals in the franchise market.”

“What sets Easy Franchise and the Franchise Day sale apart from traditional franchise expositions and exhibitions is the ability to inquire and invest at the click of a button. Interested investors will have the convenience of exploring a wide range of exclusively discounted franchise opportunities from the comfort of their own homes,” Lim added.

Easy Franchise has also recently introduced its Franchise Incubation Program to help starting business owners expand and become the next big franchise. This program offers end-to-end solutions, distinguishing it from traditional franchise packages. The comprehensive support includes the development of their franchise package, gaining insights into their operations, as well as rebranding and marketing their brand. The awardees of this program will receive franchise incubation tools worth 1 million pesos, providing them with essential resources to embark on a successful franchising venture.

In addition, the Easy Franchise Brand Awards was also launched in this year’s edition of Franchise Day. These awards aim to recognize collaborative and fast-growing franchisor brands that are making notable contributions to the franchising industry.

Winners for both the Franchise Incubation Program and Easy Franchise Brand Awards were announced during their networking event on August 25 with Green Earth, Cacau Culture, DirtBag, and AllFood winning 1 million pesos worth of franchise incubation tools.

The recipients of this year’s Easy Franchise Brand Awards were distinguished in various categories, reflecting their exceptional contributions to the franchising landscape. Among the awardees is Mister Donut who was recognized as the Franchisee Favorite for having the most franchisee inquiries and awareness. Razon’s by Glenn secured the title of “Fastest Growth,” demonstrating the highest number of location and branch closures. Meanwhile, H20MineralPlus earned the spotlight for “Franchise Management,” being our most active and sales-driving Franchise Management partner account. In the “Up and Coming Franchisor” category, Churreros emerged as the Winner, displaying the potential to become one of the franchise titans of tomorrow. This recognition was followed by The Paw Pad as the 1st Runner Up and Chicken Chingu as the 2nd Runner Up. In the realm of digital innovation, SariSuki claimed the “Digital Franchise Innovator Award,” which celebrates a franchise brand that has utilized and will continue to utilize digital innovation to develop its franchise.

During the duration of the sale, Easy Franchise is giving online consultations at no additional cost. Interested franchisees can go to www.EasyFranchise.com or Easy Franchise’s social media to view the discounts and check out the franchise that suits their needs.

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About Easy Franchise

Easy Franchise is the Philippines’ first go-to platform for all things franchising. The platform provides a comprehensive database of franchising opportunities, as well as resources and support for entrepreneurs who are interested in franchising. Easy Franchise is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed in franchising and believes that franchising is a great way to grow a successful business. For more information, visit https://www.easyfranchise.com/.

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