August 16, 2021

The total number of people who have recovered from PH Covid-19 has increased by 10.7K to 1,618,808 people

The total number of patients who have recovered from coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in the United States has now reached 1,618,808, with 10,674 additional recoveries reported on Monday.

The number equates to a 92.2 percent recovery rate from a total of 1,755,846 illnesses since the pandemic began last year, according to the Department of Health.

The Department of Health also reported 14,610 additional confirmed cases, increasing the overall number of active cases in the nation to 106,672 cases, or 6.1% of all cases.

There is 96.1 percent of active instances that are mild, 0.9 percent that is asymptomatic, 1.3 percent that is severe, 0.89 percent that is moderate, and 0.7 percent that are critical.

There were also 27 additional fatalities, bringing the overall number of deaths to 30,366 (or 1.73 percent of all cases).

According to the Department of Health, 380 duplicate cases were eliminated from the overall case count, with 369 being recoveries and one death.

Meanwhile, three previously categorized as recoveries have been confirmed as active cases, while 22 previously labeled as recoveries have been reclassified as fatalities after final confirmation.

According to statistics released by the Department of Health on Aug. 14, approximately 23% of the 58,471 people who were tested for Covid-19 tested positive.

On Aug. 14, all labs were functioning, but seven were unable to transmit data to the Covid-19 Document Repository System.

The seven non-reporting laboratories account for 1.5 percent of samples examined and 1.6 percent of positive people, according to data from the previous 14 days.

Too far, 71 percent of the 3,900 ICU beds, 59 percent of the 20,100 isolation beds, 63 percent of the 13,700 ward beds, and 50 percent of the 3,000 ventilators devoted to Covid-19 patients are in use throughout the country.

In Metro Manila, 72 percent of the 1,200 ICU beds, 62 percent of the 4,700 isolation beds, 67 percent of the 4,000 ward beds, and 53 percent of the 1,100 ventilators are devoted to Covid-19 patients.

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