September 2, 2021

Until 2027, the DOE anticipates an additional 7,712 MW of electricity supply

Alfonso Cusi, Secretary of the Department of Energy (DOE), stated the nation may get an extra 7,712 megawatts of electricity from 2021 to 2027.

Cusi stated the development of additional power sources is ongoing this year and in the future years to supplement the required power needs as the Philippine economy continues to grow during President Rodrigo Duterte’s Talk to the People late Thursday night.

Between 2016 and 2020, installed capacity increased by 4,863 MW, from 21,424 MW to 26,287 MW.

Cusi went on to say that energy players have been planning for the Malampaya natural gas field’s expected depletion by constructing additional LNG facilities and exploring indigenous power sources.

Two LNG projects are scheduled to come online next year, according to Cusi: the LNG project of AG&P and Osaka Gas in the second quarter and the LNG facility of First Gen and Tokyo Gas in the third quarter.

“Aside from LNG, we continue to explore our indigenous resources in the West Philippine Sea, such as gas and oil,” the energy head stated in Filipino.

Since the government removed the prohibition on exploratory operations in the West Philippine Sea last year, he said, five service contracts had been granted.

Cusi said, “The agency has proposed granting four additional service contracts for exploration in the West Philippine Sea.”

He said that the DOE continues to work with the world community to research future power sources.

The Department of Energy has teamed up with Australian and Japanese companies to research hydrogen as a future fuel.

The Nuclear Energy Program Inter-Agency Committee, according to Cusi, is also looking at nuclear energy’s potential as a component of the country’s energy mix.

According to him, the DOE ensures that there is an adequate supply of electricity throughout the nation, that more power capacity will be built in the future years to meet rising demand, and that power prices will be reduced.

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