June 6, 2021

The annual limitation on the number of newly employed nurses who may be deployed has been achieved

After the 5,000-annual maximum was reached, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) placed a fresh temporary restriction on the deployment of newly recruited healthcare workers (HCWs) overseas.

The processing and issuing of overseas employment certificates (OECs) for newly employed nurses, nursing aides, and nursing assistants has been temporarily stopped, according to a statement issued by POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia on Saturday.

“In light of the above, the processing and issuing of foreign employment certificates, as well as the deployment of new employees for healthcare personnel, are thus suspended,” Olalia added, citing a June 1 decision.

HCWs who received OECs prior to the reimposition of the deployment prohibition are exempted, according to the POEA, and are authorized to travel to the nation where they are employed.

“Healthcare personnel who have already been awarded their relevant overseas employment certificates, on the other hand, are permitted to go for their abroad employment,” the statement stated.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is conducting research and is anticipated to make recommendations to the government to raise the 5,000 yearly deployment limit, according to the agency.

The Mission Critical Skills Technical Working Group (MCS-TWG) of the Department of Labor and Employment studies and deliberates on issues to develop policy recommendations for submission to the Covid-19 Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) for consideration or approval, according to the advisory.

Last month, Olalia said that the majority of nations in the conventional nursing market, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand, had sought an increase.

The POEA reversed the embargo on nurse, nursing aide, and nursing assistant deployments in December of last year, “until it exceeds the yearly deployment cap of 5,000 new hiring for healthcare workers.”

The government has decided to restrict the deployment of HCWs in order to guarantee that the nation has enough medical personnel in the wake of the coronavirus illness pandemic of 2019.

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