June 7, 2021

Astrology’s Different Facets

Many components of astrology are overlooked by individuals who are not familiar with the subject. The majority of people believe that astrology is based on solar signs. However, in order for astrology to be genuinely accurate and beneficial, several additional variables must be addressed.

The Planetary System

In astrology, there are 10 planets that are researched. The number 10 is obtained by multiplying the sun and the moon together. Because our view is from the ground, the earth is not counted. Each planet has an impact on both the solar sign and the astrological house in which it is located.

Each planet signifies the power it has over the solar sign and the house it governs. Saturn, for instance, indicates man’s limits. Jupiter is the god of authority and wealth. The other planets have their own influences and depictions.

In astrology, planetary motions and alignments are also crucial. The alignments and motions of the planets may suggest severe impact on all facets of our existence. When Mars is retrograde, for example, disputes will become more prominent in our lives.

The Residences

The Zodiac, or astrological chart, has twelve houses. Each home symbolizes a different facet of our existence, such as romance, work, or family. The houses play a significant role in astrological interpretation. The house in which a planet is located indicates the impacts that will be felt in that area of our lives.

Each astrological chart will contain two unoccupied houses due to the fact that there are twelve houses but only 10 planets. These empty homes stand for aspects of life that are insignificant in this life. It is assumed that either you were successful in that element of your life in a previous incarnation, or that other elements of your life need more urgent attention than the unoccupied properties.

The Warning Signs

The most well-known part of astrology is the Zodiac sun signs. There are twelve zodiac signs, approximately corresponding to the months of the year. Each solar sign is in charge for around twenty-eight days.

Most people are familiar with the Zodiac’s twelve signs. Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Scorpio, Gemini, Libra, Leo, and Ares are only a few of them. Sun signs are often utilized to produce traditional horoscopes.

The Signs of the Moon

The moon also contains twelve signs that are employed in astrological interpretation, as well as the well-known phases of the moon. The moon’s twelve signs are named after the sun’s twelve signs. These signals, on the other hand, do not often collide.

The moon’s twelve signs rotate monthly rather than annually. As a result, each sign of the Zodiac appears once a month inside its own lunar sign. This might last anywhere from one to three days. The individual’s mental clarity is at its optimum when the sun and moon signs are the same.

When the moon sign is the polar opposite of the sun sign of the person in issue, there will be conflict. Regardless of the individual’s sun sign, some phases of the moon might make it difficult to make decisions. In any event, the energy and emotions of the moon have an impact on the overall readings of the other parts of astrology.

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