November 3, 2021

Yahoo has announced its pullout from China, citing a “difficult” business environment.

Yahoo, a US internet services provider, announced its exit from China on Tuesday, citing an “increasingly complex economic and regulatory climate.”

“In recognition of China’s increasingly difficult business and legal environment,” Yahoo said in a statement, “Yahoo’s suite of services will no longer be available from mainland China as of November 1.”

“Yahoo is devoted to our users’ rights as well as free and open internet. We appreciate the support of our users “It was also added.

Epic Games has announced that its famous battle-royale game Fortnite will be shut down on November 15th. The game’s beta version in China was called Fortress Night and was run by Tencent Games, an Epic investor.

China limited youngsters under the age of 18 to three hours of online gaming per week — exclusively on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays – in August.

LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, announced last month that it would cease operations in China owing to “increased compliance requirements.”

Facebook and Twitter have been barred for more than a decade, despite Google’s departure in 2010.

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