November 11, 2021

On second reading, the House approves a measure on telemedicine and eHealth.

The House of Representatives passed a bill establishing an electronic health or eHealth system in the country utilizing information and communications technology on second reading on Wednesday.

House Bill 10245, also known as the planned “eHealth System and Services Act,” was passed by voice vote in the house.

The bill aims to establish a system that uses information and communication technology to provide widespread access to high-quality health information and services.

The National eHealth System, according to House Committee on Health Chairperson and Quezon Rep. Angelina Tan, would cover all existing healthcare providers and other entities producing and using e-health systems, services, applications, and tools once the bill is adopted into law.

“It is worth emphasizing that increasing access to health services is a critical necessity for the fulfillment and achievement of Universal Health Care for all Filipinos. As a result, investment in eHealth is critical to ensuring equal access to health care services, particularly for those living in remote and disadvantaged places, as well as the poor, disadvantaged, and vulnerable “Tan said.

Tan also emphasized the necessity of having quality access to real-time data for making evidence-based decisions.

A health sector enterprise architecture must be designed and implemented, according to the bill, to give guidance and ensure that data is freely accessible and available, business processes are harmonized and connected, and services and applications are useable, safe, efficient, and effective.

The automation and interoperability of the different mandatory e-health business processes and data services as spelled out in the health sector enterprise architecture will be the focus of the design, development, and implementation of eHealth services and applications.

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