October 22, 2021

Weight Loss and Acupuncture

Obesity affects a large number of people. If you are obese, surgery may be the best option, but if you are unable to do so, you might try acupuncture to see if it can help you lose weight.

Acupuncture is a type of holistic medicine that involves the use of needles to treat a patient. Unlike in the cartoon, where the balloon pops and all the air escapes, the needles injected into the critical places promote the release of endorphins, which helps the user manage their appetite.

However, before any needles are inserted, the doctor will conduct an examination and ask the patient some questions. This is necessary in order to determine the primary reason for the person’s obesity.

The purpose of the assessment is to assist the acupuncturist in determining where the needles will be put. Your pulse will offer the person an impression of how energetic you are and how healthy your stomach is.

You’ll also need to open your lips and show your tongue to look for cracks, peelings, or puffiness on your stomach, which can reveal why you’re overweight.

Once he or she has determined the reason, the needles are put into various regions of the body. One method is known as the multi-targeted approach, which aims to reduce body weight by increasing pituitary gland output.

The needles will be put in the ear as well as in two of the three-body sites. The mouth, stomach, lung, endocrine, spleen, kidney, and thyroid are examples of these organs.

The “Four Gate” sites would be used to circulate energy throughout the entire body during the initial therapy. It’s also feasible that electrical simulation will be used to promote metabolism and increase endorphin release.

Depending on how much assistance is required, these needles will be left in place for 30 to 45 minutes. These are then removed and replaced with ear tacs that have adhesives to keep them in the same area as the needles.

When he or she gets hungry, he or she can use these ear tacs to apply gentle pressure. It releases a modest endorphin and helps the patient relax, allowing them to use their willpower to resist the need to eat.

By reducing their intake, the patient will be able to minimize their desires for certain foods. According to some research, this can also lower insulin and fat levels in the blood.

The wonderful thing about acupuncture is that it has no negative side effects and there is no risk of addiction. Because needles can only do so much to regulate one’s weight, the patient will need to return for regular treatment and pay attention to his or her diet and exercise on a regular basis.

The number of sessions required for an overweight person varies based on how many pounds they want to lose, how quickly they want to lose it, and how committed they are to follow the plan.

The average patient, on the other hand, who wants to lose 5 to 10 pounds must come for treatment every three days or twice a week at first, then once every two weeks after that. It is up to the individual until the therapy is completed, indicating that acupuncture can assist in weight loss.

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