November 16, 2021

In TVET, the TESDA head encourages stakeholders to work together.

Isidro Lapea, Secretary of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is urging all stakeholders to work together to make technical and vocational training and education (TVET) more vibrant.

“Because the TVET system in the Philippines touches practically every element of society, stakeholders and partners include not just companies and industry, but also lawmakers and local government entities. Coordination and collaboration across these sectors aid in making Philippine TVET as flexible and dynamic as possible “On Friday, he told the Philippine News Agency.

According to him, TESDA would coordinate its strategy by embracing the skills mapping concept in the identification of skills requirements as well as the anticipation of labor market changes through an area-based, demand-driven TVET.

TESDA announced on Friday that it convened a National Industry Forum on November 11 to urge additional potential partners to participate in the supply of quality tech-VOC.

The forum drew around 600 people from industry groups, potential partners, TESDA board members, officials, and staff, according to the statement.

“I am hopeful that the presentations and sharing from the many TVET stakeholders will provide insight into what TESDA has been doing throughout this pandemic to prepare for what may come next,” Lapea added.

The TESDA director thanked all of their partners for helping them establish a globally competitive and highly skilled Filipino workforce.

According to him, TESDA’s strategy has evolved from supply-driven to demand-driven TVET.

“By doing so, we will make TVET more responsive to the crucial demands of industries and employers, resulting in the production of qualified people necessary for a given area or locality,” he stated.

TESDA’s industrial partners, according to Lapea, are critical to the success of demand-driven TVET.

“To strengthen this basis that we developed, increased cooperation among stakeholders is required,” he said.

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