November 16, 2021

NTF executive asks medical professionals to participate in national vaccine drive

Medical practitioners are being invited to join in the nationwide immunization effort by the government.

Even dentists and those licensed to inoculate may assist in providing vaccines against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), according to Assistant Secretary Wilben Mayor, leader of the National Task Force Against Covid-19’s strategic communications on current activities.

“Let us contribute to our country by assisting in vaccination efforts so that we can achieve herd immunity of at least 54 million by December,” Mayor stated upon the arrival of 1,279,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine acquired by the government at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1.

“Perhaps they could volunteer for a day or two a week to assist vaccinate the population. Their contributions would be really beneficial.”

So far, he said, at least 123 million doses of the life-saving vaccine have arrived in the Philippines.

“On Monday, there will be more.” “We see the vaccines arriving in a steady stream once again, and we encourage our compatriots to be vaccinated,” he continued.

Kenneth Gardner, the political counselor at the US Embassy, said the US government is pleased to participate in the Philippines’ inoculation program.

“I just want to emphasize how critical it is for the Philippines to have access to a variety of safe and effective vaccinations, whether through the COVAX Facility or from American producers like Moderna here today. So, we’re pleased to be here, and we’re glad to see that things are moving forward. “Today, we’re giving 1.279 million doses, and we’re hoping to keep that up,” Gardner added.

The mayor also stated the three-day national vaccination campaign, which will take place from November 29 to December 1, with the goal of inoculating 15 million Filipinos, is on track.

As of November 11, the Philippines had given out 68,056,957 doses across the country. A total of 31,020,380 Filipinos have been fully vaccinated.

The shipment was also welcomed by the Department of Health Undersecretary Ma. Carolina Vidal-Taio and Zuellig Pharma market managing director Jannette Jakosalem.

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