November 16, 2021

Fortune’s e-payment will improve the judicial efficiency of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court now accepts electronic filing fees in small claims cases across the country in order to provide timely and safe justice and relevant public service.

Even before the Covid-19 outbreak, the high court had begun to apply certain digital innovations inside the judicial system, and it has continued to innovate to meet the demands of increasing its institutional capabilities.

The use of digital solutions is seen by officials in the judiciary as more than technological development. It is also a vital reform to bring its services closer to the people, particularly at a time when remaining at home due to the epidemic is the norm.

Recognizing the digital divide, especially in remote areas with limited or no internet access, SC has partnered with Fortune Pay to allow online payment of legal fees for small claims cases in first-level courts, including Metropolitan Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts in Cities Outside Metro Manila, Municipal Trial Courts, and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts.

The digitization of minor claims fees has made transactions easier for litigants and reduced the amount of labor for court workers.

Fortune Pay’s services are the newest addition to a growing list of collection channels that will eventually be integrated with the SC’s Judiciary ePayment Solution.

“It aims to streamline the processes of assessing and paying court costs, enhancing public access to judicial services, increasing openness and accountability, and providing the Supreme Court with efficient accounting and auditing methods,” according to the Supreme Court.

The SC and Fortune Pay both guarantees that the digital application complies with privacy legislation.

“Fortune Pay promises to provide a seamless facility that will ensure safe, secure, rapid, and efficient payment processing across the country, and is willing to lead efforts to educate the public about digital advancements,” the payment service stated in a statement over the weekend.

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