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Adult Dyslexia Awareness: Workplace Workshops

The rights of people with impairments have recently received a lot of attention. These rights include the ability to work and not be discriminated against by coworkers. The workplace should also give adequate support for their employees’ disabilities, regardless of the type of handicap they have.

Dyslexia is one handicap that can have a significant impact on employment. However, a growing number of businesses are attempting to integrate persons with this illness into their workforce. As a result, they must fulfill and provide for particular needs in order for individuals with this condition to perform at their best in the workplace.

Making Your Workplace Better

In reality, there are dedicated organizations that aid businesses and employers in assisting their dyslexic staff. Some specialist institutes offer seminars and activities aimed at improving the workplace’s dyslexia-related performance.

The programs available can vary based on the company’s desired objective. Each program has a different ultimate goal, but they all aim to enhance the relationship between the company and dyslexic employees. Here are some of the most prevalent courses given for this purpose by various colleges.

Programs for Professional Development

Professional development should be ongoing; as a result, there are courses available for your company’s HR staff, psychologists, trainers, and managers to enhance their abilities, particularly in the area of dyslexia assessment.

They can learn and comprehend more about the disease through this type of training. The obstacles that dyslexic personnel experience are also identified and explained. There are also some suggestions for how to make adjustments to help your dyslexic employees achieve success and productivity.

Awareness Programs in the Workplace

The awareness of dyslexia in your workplace can be extremely beneficial to your company’s performance. There are seminars and briefings that can be held to raise knowledge of such a situation among all of your personnel.

Here, dyslexia is defined in layman’s terms and in a way that anyone may comprehend. Your staff will also be educated on how dyslexia affects people, as well as the skills and qualities that dyslexic people possess. Essentially, they are aware of the nature of the situation.

Ways to make modifications and overcome challenges brought on by the employment condition are also highlighted. All of your employees are also given advice on how to interact with a coworker who has the disease. They are also taught how to work with one another.

Programs for Developing Skills

This type of program is designed to help your dyslexic employee improve his or her skills. Tips for improvement are provided, as well as techniques for overcoming common dyslexia issues. Because most adult dyslexics are frustrated and have low self-esteem as a result of their condition, the program also focuses on confidence building.

The program’s flow may change based on the person being trained, his or her abilities and deficiencies.

Workplace Skills Assessment Program

This type of program is designed to ensure that the abilities of the person you’re considering hiring are fit for the job. It also ensures that your dyslexic staff is able to function effectively and efficiently.

This section assesses if the employee requires additional training to improve his or her skills. Also, recommendations are made as to whether or not your employee requires computer assistance.

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