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From food waste to business, the shrimp head

The National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI) sought to turn part of the food waste into “something worthwhile” in order to reduce it.

One of the most common food wastes, according to Rosa Bassig, senior science research expert of the Fisheries Postharvest Research and Development Division of NFRDI, is shrimp head, which can be transformed into shrimp powder and can be a potentially good source of income.

According to her research, one kilogram of fresh shrimp heads yields around 200 grams of shrimp power.

“Not bad for business,” Bassig added, “considering what would have been trash was changed into something valuable.”

She goes on to say that the powder can be used for shrimp flavor flavoring, seafood broths, and soups, among other things.

According to a study published in The Philippine Journal of Fisheries, the product can be preserved for up to six months at 28-30°C.

According to the NFRDI, a shrimp processing company often discards the shrimp heads, shells, and tails.

It went on to say that waste takes up around half of the raw material, implying that about half of the money invested has already gone down the drain.

It was also mentioned that, because of their nutrient-rich qualities, inappropriate disposal of these wastes could harm the environment.

“By turning shrimp heads into powder, food processing industries will not only reduce waste but, more crucially, profit from materials that would otherwise be thrown,” according to the NFRDI.

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