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Five North Koreans have been sanctioned by the US as a result of ballistic missile tests.

After Pyongyang regularly tested putative hypersonic missiles, the US sanctioned five North Koreans allegedly involved in Pyongyang’s weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs on Wednesday.

Since September, the North has launched approximately six ballistic missiles in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions forbidding it from testing the technology.

Choe Myong Hyon, a North Korean national based in Russia, is accused of assisting Pyongyang’s Second Academy of Natural Sciences (SANS), which was sanctioned in 2010 and again in 2013 based on US assessments that it helps the North’s proliferation and development programs.

Choe is accused of procuring telecommunications equipment for a SANS subordinate firm in Russia.

Sim Kwang Sok, Kim Song Hun, Kang Chol Hak, and Pyon Kwang Chol, all of whom are based in China, were sanctioned for allegedly working for other SANS firms.

North Korea said on Wednesday that it has “successfully” completed the final test-firing of its newly designed hypersonic missile, according to state-run media.

The declaration came one day after the South Korean military announced Pyongyang had fired a suspected ballistic missile into the country’s eastern sea.

According to the North’s news agency, a hypersonic glide vehicle performed “glide jump flight” and “corkscrew maneuvering” after being released from the rocket booster before reaching a target 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) distant.

North Korea revealed for the first time in October that it has created and tested a hypersonic missile.

Hypersonic missiles travel at five times the speed of sound, or 6,125 kilometers per hour (3,806 miles per hour), leaving little time for a response and raising concerns about the effectiveness of current missile defense systems.

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