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After firing a warning shot at US sanctions, NoKor shoots another rocket.

North Korea may have conducted another missile launch on Friday, only hours after chastising the United States for attempting to undermine Pyongyang’s “legitimate right to self-defense.”

In the early hours of Friday, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff stated North Korea shot an unidentified projectile, while Japan said it “might be a ballistic missile.”

If confirmed, this will be Pyongyang’s third missile launch of the year, following two testing of “hypersonic missiles” in less than a week, according to North Korean official media.

As a result of the tests, the United States has imposed penalties on five people linked to North Korea’s missile programs.

The US sanctions, according to a spokesperson for North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, are “obviously a provocation,” and Washington is “deliberately worsening the situation.”

According to the state-run Korean Central News Agency, the US’ “gangster reasoning” “calls into doubt the exercising of our legitimate right to self-defense.”

North Korea’s pursuit for a “new-type weapon,” according to the official, is solely to improve its “national defense capability, not to target a specific country or force.”

If the US maintains its “confrontational attitude,” the statement warned of “a harsher and clearer response.”

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