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DILG has issued a warning to the public about ‘Covid-19 vax exemption cards.’

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) issued a public health alert on Tuesday, warning people about so-called “Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) vaccination exemption cards,” which claim to allow unvaccinated people to avoid stay-at-home orders, ride public transportation, and enjoy other benefits.

“The public is advised that a ‘vaccination exemption card’ does not exist.” The government has not sanctioned, issued, or acknowledged this. In other words, these are phony,” stated DILG Undersecretary and Spokesperson Jonathan Malaya in a statement.

According to information received by the DILG, “exemption cards” purportedly started in Facebook groups and group chats in Regions 11 and 12 and can be registered with local government units (LGUs) and accepted by local authorities in lieu of Covid-19 immunization cards.

According to Malaya, the government will never issue or accept such cards since they contradict the government’s national vaccination program, which aims to inoculate the majority of the people in order to safeguard the population.

“Malaking kalokohan ito, malaking kalokohan ito, malaking kalokohan ito Because ang gusto nga natin ay mabakunahan na ang lahat bilang proteksyon laban sa iba’t ibang Covid-19 variations, hinding-hindi mag-iisyu ng exemption ang pamahalaan kanino man (maliban na lang for medical reasons). (This is complete nonsense.) “The government would never grant anyone a vaccination exemption (save for medical reasons), because what we want is for everyone to be vaccinated in order to be protected against multiple Covid-19 variations,” he stated.

He voiced his displeasure that some people would resort to such ruses and misinformation in order to avoid vaccination and even deceive others into believing they may be exempted.

“Nakakagalit na ayaw na nga nating magpabakuna ay pinapaniwala pa natin ang iba na puwede silang ma-exempt ang iba na puwede silang ma-exempt ang iba na puwede silang ma-exempt ang iba na puwede silang ma-ex At namatay sa Covid-19, marami na pong nabiktima at namatay. Ang bakuna ang nakasalba sa maraming tao sa world (It’s revolting that individuals who refuse to be vaccinated have the audacity to convince others that they can be exempted.) Many people have died as a result of Covid-19. Vaccines have saved the lives of many individuals around the world),” he continued.

People are being asked to fill out the green vaccine exemption card posted in FB groups and group chats with their name, birthdate, address, and signatures, then have the cards printed, laminated, and registered to their barangay/city/municipal LGUs, according to reports received by the DILG.

“The so-called exemption cards resemble the green Covid-19 Vaccination Cards issued by a number of local governments. Itong tunay aakalain sa biglang tingin aakalain sa biglang tingin aakalain sa biglang tingin aakalain sa biglang tingin aakalain sa biglang tingin aakalain sa biglang tingin aakalain sa biglang tingin aakalain ng ku

“Wala pong gano’n at peke po iyon, nananawagan tayo sa publiko na huwag magpapaniwala sa mga taong nagpapakalat ng “Covid-19 vax exemption cards.” Agad mag-report sa mga awtoridad kung merong ganitong insidente sa inyong mga lugar There isn’t anything like it, and it’s a hoax. Any such incidences in your area should be reported to authorities right once),” he urged.

He also urged local governments to be more diligent in inspecting vaccination cards at provincial and regional borders to ensure that only individuals who have been vaccinated are permitted to cross borders or use public transportation.

“Magiging mabusisi po tayo sa pag-iinspeksyon dahil baka nalulusutan tayo ng mga hindi pa nababakunahan,” says the narrator. Ang paghihigpit natin ay para na rin sa kanilang proteksyon at kapakanan dahil wala silang kalaban-laban sa Covid-19 “The limits we’re putting in place are for their own safety since they have no defense against Covid-19,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Interior Secretary Eduardo Ao asked local government units to accept both the LGU-issued vaccination card and the DOH-issued VaxCertPH digital certificate, whichever is available during law enforcement or barangay authorities’ inspections.

A standardized Covid-19 vaccine card shall be issued to vaccine recipients in accordance with the Department of Health (DOH) and National Task Force Against Covid-19 Joint Administrative Order No. 2021-0001 to ensure completion of the required doses by documenting details of their vaccination, subject to the provisions of Republic Act 10173 or the “Data Privacy Act of 2012.”

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