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Affiliate Management and Recruitment

Even if you are automatically approving affiliates, it is in your best interest to audit your network on a regular basis once they begin to sign up. The FTC is now holding marketers liable for the actions of their affiliates. It could cost you a lot of money if your affiliates get out of hand.

Hundreds of affiliates will sign up for your program. Hobbyists, spammers, webmasters, and even marketers are all involved. It is critical that you review each one on a regular basis to ensure that the way they are promoting you is acceptable to your company and, most importantly, legal.

Some screening pointers are provided below:

  1. All affiliates must have a functioning website. If they don’t, they could be spammers.
  2. The content of the affiliate site must be relevant to your products or services.
  3. The site should have appropriate content levels.
  4. Inappropriate use of content Make it very clear to your affiliates what content from your website they can use.

Affiliate swindle
Affiliate fraud has been on the rise in recent years, which is yet another reason to screen your affiliates on a regular basis. There are two main types of fraud:

Malware – Some affiliates have created software that is installed on a computer, usually as part of a free download. When a user clicks on an affiliate link, the true affiliate ID is replaced with the fraudulent affiliate ID.

Fake purchase – If you have a high-value product that pays out large commissions to affiliates, you may notice some bad actors signing up and then using stolen or fake credit card information to buy products through their links.

Interacting with affiliates
Good affiliates are usually busy, and they may forget about your services and products. As time passes, your offers may appear less frequently in less-visited areas or be accidentally deleted.

It is critical to maintaining contact with your affiliates, especially the top performers. Do not wait for them to contact you; if they do, it usually means they have a problem. You demonstrate your interest in the partnership by taking the time to contact them.

You don’t need a new product to reach out to your top affiliates. Even if it’s just a quick note asking if they have any needs. You can also use this opportunity to solicit feedback on your program.

Managing a successful affiliate program is not a simple task that can be completely automated, as you will need to get involved. Affiliates who are happy are more productive, and the more money they make, the more money your company makes.

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