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The mayor requests that the city council adopt the annual investment plan.

Mayor Junard Chan urged on Friday that the Lapu-Lapu City Council expedite the creation of the annual investment plan (AIP) in order to expedite the passage of this year’s annual budget, which will fund the ancient city’s operations.

Chan stated in a statement that the city councilors must first pass a resolution supporting the AIP before he can approve the annual budget.

“I’m hoping for a new budget this year. Residents in the city who have had their homes devastated by the typhoon are in need of assistance “he stated

He noted that department heads have been attending council meetings to act as resource persons in the development of the proposed yearly investment plan and that he recognizes their collaboration with the council in budget preparation.

The city, however, is without a budget for 2022, prompting Chan to appeal to seven councilors and one ex-officio councilor who are not supporters of his government to put partisan politics aside for the sake of the city’s citizens.

Despite an apparent standstill in the budget hearings, Chan expressed optimism that the city will not operate under a reenacted budget this year, noting the necessity to deliver help to Typhoon Odette victims and fund other urgent projects.

He reminded that the AIPs for the yearly budgets of 2020 and 2021 was unanimously approved by the same council.

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