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Legazpi City and Albay Town collaborate on a coastal management initiative.

As part of the rehabilitation and preservation program of coastal marine resources for long-term food security, the municipal administration here will share its coastal resource management program with Manito town, also in Albay.

In an interview on Tuesday, Mayor Noel Rosal said the Legazpi local government unit (LGU) will assist coral regeneration works in the municipal seas of Manito to increase fishermen’s fishing activities.

“In order to adequately manage and supervise their marine resources, the Integrated Coastal Resource Management Unit (ICRMU) of Legazpi will participate in the implementation of Manito’s marine management program.” “Rosal said.

He went on to say that among the coastal management initiatives that Legazpi City will share is the implementation of its habitat extension project for coral reef restoration, as well as the expansion and recovery of seagrasses and mangrove plantations.

“(LGU) Legazpi will assist Manito in the construction of at least 100 artificial reef cement modules in the waters of the villages of Cawit and Pawa, including the placement of buoys, planting of Acropora branches, and other species,” he stated.

Rosal said the initiative came to fruition thanks to a donation of PHP700,000 from the Rotary Club West for the rehabilitation of Manito’s coastal marine resources.

In a separate interview, Manito Vice Mayor Carlito Belludo expressed his gratitude to the Legazpi LGU for assisting his town in the repair of coral reefs and the implementation of a marine resource management program that will provide additional income to fishermen.

“Coral reef rehabilitation in Manito can also teach at least 200 people in our two coastal barangays on marine conservation,” he says “he stated

Belludo stated that all coral reefs in municipal waters will be monitored in order to safeguard them against dynamite fishing and other forms of illegal and harmful fishing.

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