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In the second phase of the 3-day huge vax drive, walk-ins are welcome.

During the second wave of the three-day “Bayanihan, Bakunahan” push, the public will be able to walk in and receive inoculation against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) at any government vaccination location.

Dr. Teodoro Herbosa, a special adviser of the National Task Force Against Covid-19, said in an interview at NAIA Terminal 1 that the program, which would run from December 15 to 17, will have designated locations for people with scheduled appointments and walk-ins.

“Walang pauuwiin na hindi nabakunahan during national vaccination days.” So, if you get vaccinated today, you can get vaccinated tomorrow (no one will be permitted to leave without getting vaccinated during national vaccination days). As a result, if they come, they must be vaccinated),” Herbosa explained.

While unvaccinated older persons and children aged 12 to 17 remain the top focus, all eligible individuals, including those seeking a booster dose, will be vaccinated, he said.

“For the booster shots, second shots, and priority first shots, may area ka.” Senior citizens will be given priority (there will be a separate location for booster shots, second shots, and priority first shots). Because the elderly are still our priority),” Herbosa explained.

He did point out, however, that only a small percentage of the general public is eligible for booster shots, which are only available to people who had both doses six months ago or three months for those who received the Janssen single-dose vaccination.

He emphasized that the threat posed by the Omicron variety is “still serious,” noting that the number of Covid-19 cases in South Africa has increased significantly, necessitating continuing disease immunization efforts.

“Fortunately, the mortality rate is not as high; in fact, the WHO (World Health Organization) has said that it is lower. Nonetheless, people become infected. It’s quite contagious. So receiving your immunizations is still the best defense,” Herbosa added.

While syringes and other ancillaries were in short supply during the initial mass vaccination campaign, he claimed the country has since obtained more as part of the National Vaccination Operations Center’s preparations (NVOC).

“(The NVOC) is ensuring that all vaccines are given come with the necessary auxiliary materials,” Herbosa explained.

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