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The number of new Covid-19 cases has dropped to 379, with 11.9 million active infections.

With just 379 new infections reported on Friday, the number of new coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases has dropped below 400.

According to the Department of Health’s weekly Covid-19 bulletin, this represents a decrease in cases from the 562 new infections reported on Thursday (DOH).

Friday’s new infections are a few more than the 356 new cases reported on Tuesday, the country’s lowest single-day number of illnesses ever.

This reduced the number of active cases to 11,905, down from 12,169 on Thursday.

The majority of current cases have mild symptoms, with 4,860 having moderate symptoms, 3,797 having moderate symptoms, 2,060 having severe symptoms, 757 being asymptomatic, and 431 being in critical condition.

It recorded 631 new recoveries, down from 882 on Thursday, bringing the country’s total recoveries to 2,774,334 or 97.8% of confirmed illnesses to 2,836,200.

It also recorded 25 additional deaths, down from 176 on Thursday, bringing the overall number of deaths in the country to 49,961, or 1.76 percent of all known cases.

According to the most recent testing statistics, 35,903 Covid-19 tests were given out on Wednesday. Only 1.3 percent of those tested positive for the illness.

The majority of Covid-19 health care facilities in the country are still open, with occupancy rates of 25% in intensive care units (ICU), 24% in isolation beds, and 14% in ward beds, with 14% of 3,000 ventilators in use.

In Metro Manila alone, 28 percent of 1,200 ICU beds are occupied, 20 percent of 4,700 isolation beds are occupied, and 22 percent of 3,800 ward beds are occupied, with 17 percent of 1,000 ventilators in use.

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