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Pinoys who join overseas partners must obtain CFO documents.

On Wednesday, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) advised Filipinos who are traveling overseas for the first time to meet their foreign-national partners to obtain the required papers from the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) before leaving.

Fiancées, wives, or family members of foreign nationals are obliged to attend the CFO advising and counseling session before they are allowed to go abroad, according to BI Commissioner Jaime Morente.

“While this is not a new rule, we believe it is vital to remind everyone.” Filipinos who are joining their overseas partners or wives and other family members abroad as first-time immigrants must attend a guidance and counseling program from the CFO, according to policies issued by various government agencies,” he said.

Before they are allowed to leave the nation, the commission will issue them a guidance and counseling certificate (GCC) and a sticker, which they must display at the airport.

“After attending the CFO sessions, they are given a certificate or a passport sticker, which they must submit to immigration when they leave,” Morente explained.

According to him, the certificate is required for people emigrating overseas for the first time, as well as those traveling to meet or marry a foreign partner for the first time.

Morente also encouraged airlines to ensure that Filipinos who are emigrating to other countries follow the rules.

In response to questions from passengers planning to emigrate to another country after meeting their foreign partners, he made the statement.

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