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Omicron is spreading faster than any other variation, according to the WHO’s director-general.

The new omicron variety of coronavirus has been confirmed in 77 countries, according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) leader, and is spreading faster than any prior variant.

“Even if it hasn’t been discovered yet, Omicron is most likely present in most countries. Omicron is spreading at a rate, unlike any other variety we’ve seen before “At a news briefing in Geneva, Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus stated.

The UN health agency has classified Omicron, which was initially discovered in South Africa last month, as a variety of concerns.

He voiced concern about people dismissing omicron as a minor disease, noting that even if it causes less severe disease, the sheer volume of cases could overwhelm unprepared health systems once again.

Tedros urged governments to take steps in addition to immunizations to address the problem.

“It’s not that vaccines are being used instead of masks. Instead of vaccines, it’s distancing. Vaccines aren’t the problem; it’s a lack of ventilation or hand hygiene. Do everything. Do it on a regular basis. Do a good job, “he stated

He claimed that several countries had begun booster vaccine programs, warning that this could lead to “vaccine hoarding,” as seen this year, and aggravate disparity.

“Let me be really clear about something. The World Health Organization does not oppose boosters. Inequity is something we despise. Tedros stated, “Our greatest concern is to save lives everywhere.” “Giving boosters to groups at low risk of severe sickness or death puts the lives of others at higher risk or who are still waiting for their primary dose due to supply shortages in jeopardy.”

“Protecting the least protected, not the most protected, must be the focus in every country and globally,” he continued.

Tedros shared the data, stating that 41 countries have yet to vaccinate 10% of their people, while 98 countries have yet to reach 40%.

“We can put a stop to the pandemic by addressing unfairness. We are allowing the pandemic to persist if we allow unfairness to remain “he stated

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