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Since the start of the pandemic, the UK has had the highest number of daily infections.

On Wednesday, the United Kingdom saw its highest daily number of Covid-19 cases since the outbreak began.

The daily case count surpassed the previous high of 78,610 on January 8, when the UK was in its third nationwide lockdown.

The significant increase of instances has caused Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty of the United Kingdom to issue a warning, urging people to “prioritize what matters.”

“”I’m afraid we’re also seeing the expected increase in hospitalizations,” Whitty said, adding that instances are increasing because to the “extremely rapidly-growing” Omicron variety.

“I’m afraid we have to be realistic,” Whitty told BBC News, “that records will be broken a lot over the coming few weeks as rates continue to rise.”

The top medical officer urged the public to avoid unnecessary contact with others and to be aware that the pandemic is real and current, and that the development of this new, lethal, and highly contagious strain has made it much more so.

Whitty also urged individuals to utilize PCR and Lateral Flow Tests while visiting vulnerable persons, and to meet outside with people from neighboring houses or in well-ventilated settings.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also stated that the government would not cancel Christmas holiday festivities and that there would be no limitations on gatherings or the closure of restaurants, cafes, and bars, but he advised people to exercise prudence when considering socializing.

The Parliament approved on Tuesday to implement ‘Plan B’ measures, which include mask mandates in public places and public transportation, as well as the introduction of immunization permits.

The UK upped its Covid-19 alert to Level 4 on Sunday, the second-highest level, in response to an increase in cases of the omicron form.

According to the government’s guidelines, Level 4 denotes “A Covid-19 epidemic is pervasive; transmission is high, and direct Covid-19 pressure on health-care facilities is widespread and severe, if not increasing.”

Since May, the country has been on Level 3.

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