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The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has mobilized units for humanitarian missions in ‘Odette’-affected areas.

The Philippine Armed Forces (AFP) announced on Friday that its units are now conducting disaster response operations in regions devastated by Typhoon Odette.

According to AFP spokesperson Army Col. Ramon Zagala, this is being done in close conjunction with the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

“Our disaster response actions are ongoing in regions that were and will be affected by Typhoon Odette, in close conjunction with the NDRRMC. Preemptive evacuations, search and rescue, clearance, and transportation help for the delivery of relief materials are among them “In a statement, Zagala stated.

Because the AFP is the main agency in the NDRRMC’s search, rescue, and retrieval cluster, Zagala said the military has already mobilized units from regional commands to battalions to assure the widest possible coverage.

“National and local disaster risk reduction and management councils, as well as other response clusters, have air and naval assets on standby and ready to deploy. Other units that aren’t in the typhoon’s path are also on standby to assist if needed “Added he.

Even with support on the way, Zagala asked people who can contribute to do so for those affected by “Odette.”

“In this difficult time, we implore all who can to aid those who have been harmed by the storm in any manner they can. Help is on the way, and the AFP, along with other government agencies, is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to reach those in need “Added he.

Initial reports suggest that Western Visayas has 5,864 affected families, or roughly 17,238 people, according to NDRRMC operations center commander Joe-mar Perez, who spoke during a press conference on Friday lunchtime.

He added that they had yet to get reports of casualties, if any, for the region, despite power outages in Negros Occidental, Guimaras, Antique, and parts of Capiz, Aklan, and Iloilo in Western Visayas.

Meanwhile, in Central Visayas, an assessment of affected families is still underway.

There were additional power outages in Bohol, Cebu, and Negros Oriental.

In Cebu, communication/signal disruptions have also been reported, while Mactan Airport remains closed.

Affected families were counted at 5,275 in Eastern Visayas, which equates to 20,103 people. Southern Leyte, as well as parts of Leyte and Biliran, had power outages.

In addition, communication/signaling disruptions have been reported in Southern Leyte. Affected families in Caraga were assigned a number of 104, which equates to 235 people.

The Dinagat Islands, Siargao, Surigao Del Norte, and parts of Surigao Del Sur also had power outages. In the Dinagat Islands, there was also a communication/signal outage.

Perez also stated that they are currently validating reports of one death and two injuries in San Fernando, Bukidnon.

He also stated that the public received 48 emergency alert and warning messages, as well as 425 NDRRMC advisories via the monitoring dashboard and mobile application.

Meanwhile, the number of families who were evacuated ahead of time was estimated to be 83,026 people, or 332,855 people in Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Eastern Visayas, Zamboanga Peninsula, and Caraga.

Meanwhile, Assistant Secretary Casiano Monilla, the deputy administrator for operations at the Office of Civil Defense, noted that unofficial reports of damage caused by “Odette” did not appear to be significant.

“Unofficially, ang news naman sa region(s) is hindi sya ganun ka-massive ano, even casualties, sabi ko nga wala kaming nare-receive na unofficially na maraming casualties for this Typhoon Odette, yung pananalasa ni Typhoon Odette, yung pananalasa Yun lang siguro masasabi ko sa ngayon (As for the damages, unofficially, the reports from the regions seemed to indicate that they are not that massive, even in terms of casualties, we are still waiting for official reports stating that the onslaught of Typhoon Odette caused a large number of casualties, that’s all I can say for now), “Added he.

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