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Port Operator: 90 percent of the staff is vaccinated

After obtaining a 90 percent vaccination rate for its personnel, International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) has achieved a significant milestone in the fight against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

As of Oct. 31, 2021, the ICTSI Group has vaccinated over 9,700 employees, demonstrating the company’s successful information campaign and the employees’ strong team spirit when fighting for a shared cause and looking out for one another.

“We are grateful and proud of the ICTSI men and women who chose to protect themselves, their loved ones, coworkers, and communities.” In a statement, ICTSI executive vice president Christian Gonzalez said, “Getting vaccinated gives us the most effective protection against Covid-19 and the best chance to regain normalcy in our everyday life.”

Between July 2020 and October 2021, ICTSI recorded less than 2,000 cases, corresponding to 18% of its workforce, thanks to strict health and safety measures across all of its terminals. In 98 percent of these cases, the patient has entirely recovered.

Last October, the company only registered 30 new cases and 25 active cases because of the 90% immunization rate.

Gonzalez urged everyone to remain cautious and follow health regulations in order to avoid possible virus outbreaks.

“Employee health and safety has always been a top priority for us, but we can’t do it alone.” “As we ideally go from pandemic to endemic, we must all keep our guard up, be disciplined, and learn to carry on,” he stated.

ICTSI’s business units throughout the world have been assisting their host communities and partner governments’ pandemic efforts since the beginning of the outbreak.

In the Philippines, ICTSI spearheaded a private-sector effort to assist the government with vaccine procurement, constructing a PHP250 million mega vaccination facility capable of inoculating 15,000 people per day.

As of November 19, ICTSI and the Razon Group had invested a total of PHP1.5 billion in social investments to help the Philippine government recover from the epidemic, including the administration of over 300,000 doses of vaccines at ICTSI-supported vaccination clinics in the Philippines.

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