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Booster shots are now available to 19 million Filipinos who have been fully vaccinated.

Dr. Kezia Lorraine Rosario of the National Vaccination Operations Center (NVOC) announced on Thursday that almost 19 million fully vaccinated adult adults who had their primary Covid-19 doses between March and September are now eligible for booster shots.

The Food and Drug Delivery (FDA) has previously permitted a three-month administration delay between the second and third principal doses and the booster shot.

According to the most recent NVOC data, the Philippines has provided 104,379,306 doses across the country, with 46,383,951 Filipinos completely vaccinated and 1,267,508 adults receiving booster shots.

According to Rosario, the country has enough anti-coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccine in store to push for a statewide booster immunization program.

“We have enough supply ngayon (as of now). Enough to do the booster administration at pagbibigay ng first dose at saka pagbibigay ng full doses (and for the giving of first doses and full dose completion), “she stated

The NVOC has set aside Covid-19 vaccines from all brands for booster immunization, including homologous and heterologous combinations, she said.

“Iyong wino-workout ng operations center natin (this is what the operations center is working on) – that we can somehow offer enough vaccines, all the brands that are required for the administration,” she continued.

According to Rosario, the government needs to distribute additional AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccines because they can be used as heterologous boosters for Sinovac, Janssen, Gamaleya, and other vaccination recipients.

Because only specific brands of vaccines might be delivered to children, the NVOC is also researching booster vaccine combinations for pediatric vaccines.

Only Pfizer and Moderna should be administered into children aged 12 to 17.

“Iyon’yung mga balancing act na kailangang gawin ng operations center, hindi lang sa national level kung hindi sa regional at saka local government,” Rosario added.

The NVOC ensured that vaccine brands were distributed equally across all vaccination sites, ensuring that local government units had the supplies they needed to expand their vaccination campaigns.

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