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According to a survey, TESDA is still one of the most trusted government institutions.

According to an independent and non-commissioned survey, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is still one of the most trusted government institutions in the country.

TESDA was placed second among the most trusted government agencies in PUBLiCUS Asia’s 2021 PAHAYAG Fourth-Quarter Survey, with a trust rating of 46.1 percent, behind the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) with 52.6 percent.

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) came in second with a 45.7 percent trust rating.

It also came in second with a 67.7% approval rating.

With approval ratings of 69.7% and 64.5 percent, the AFP and PAF were rated first and third, respectively.

From December 6 to 10, a nationwide poll of 1,500 people was performed.

TESDA has consistently ranked first in PUBLiCUS Asia’s surveys for the year 2021.

It placed top among government entities in terms of approval ratings (62.1%) and second in terms of trust (42.8%) in the first quarter survey.

TESDA came in second in both approval and trust scores in the second and third quarter surveys.

It has been delivering skills training programs and interventions to Filipinos, particularly foreign workers and members of the marginalized sector, for the past year.

A total of 26,989 overseas Filipino employees and their families had registered in various TESDA courses as of December 2021, with 25,579 of them having completed their respective training courses.

TESDA is also expanding its online training program, with new courses being added to the site.

The TESDA Online Program has 115 courses as of November 2021. (TOP).

This year, the site attracted 855,217 new members, increasing the total number of users to 3,530,346 since 2012.

TESDA Secretary Isidro Lapea reaffirmed the agency’s commitment to providing Filipinos with high-quality, relevant skills training.

He also promised to improve TESDA’s services so that more Filipinos might benefit from them.

“PUBLiCUS has consistently ranked us at the top of its surveys. “I applaud the Filipino people for their ongoing support of TESDA as we continue to provide the services you require in the face of the epidemic,” Lapea added.

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