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The Philippine National Police (PNP) has issued a warning to internet users about travel posts.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) issued a public warning on Tuesday, urging people not to share their holiday vacation plans on social media.

PNP spokesperson Col. Roderick Alba said in a Laging Handa briefing that such an act provides thieves a tip and an opportunity to get into homes while their owners are gone.

“Halimbawa iwanan natin yung ating property, kabahayan, we should not report real-time or mag-post ng real-time sa social media kung saan po kayo pupunta o naiwanan yung bahay niyo because it just gives opportunity or motive yung mga kababayan natin na pagtangkaan, nakawan

He went on to say that if there are no individuals in the house, local neighbors should be notified so they can care about it.

In the midst of the predicted rush to bus terminals, airports, and seaports for the New Year vacation, Alba stressed the need for “light travel.”

“Mga alahas, pera, huwag magdala ng napakaraming personal property. When you travel, you should pack light and, of course, report. May mga hotline sa ating E-Sumbong platform na kailangan pong i-report, makita yung ating PNP. (Let us not carry too much personal property, jewelry, and money.) Maging vigilant tayo along the road i-report kaagad so it does not turn into a serious crime. When you travel, you should pack light and, of course, report. The PNP has hotlines, as does the E-Sumbong platform. Let us be cautious so that it does not turn into a major criminal) “he stated

To avoid traffic accidents, he also warned individuals attending holiday celebrations not to “drink and drive.”

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