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Manila police would enforce the prohibition on fireworks.

In connection with the New Year’s Day celebration, the municipal government of Manila issued instructions on the manufacturing, sale, distribution, and use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices on Tuesday.

Firecrackers such as Super Lolo, Atomic Big, Triangulo, Mother Rockets, Lolo Thunder, Five Star, Og, Pla-Pla, Pillbox, Watusi, Piccolo, Giant Whistle Bomb, Big Judah’s Belt, Large Bawang, Bosa, Goodbye Philippines, Goodbye Earth, Bin Laden, Coke in Can, Kabasi, and other related firecrackers are prohibited within the city, according to

Overweight firecrackers with more than 0.2 grams or 1/3 teaspoon of explosives are also prohibited, as are firecrackers with short fuses or those that ignite in less than three seconds but no more than six seconds.

“Further, unlabeled firecrackers and those containing sulfur or phosphorous in combination with chlorates are prohibited,” the order stated.

“Only fireworks community displays shall be allowed within the City of Manila upon the express permission/authorization of the city government by way of a Fireworks Display permit issued for the purpose,” according to the guidelines.

The guidelines will be rigorously followed by members of the Manila Police District.

“The entire police district will be deployed on the city’s streets, avenues, and boulevards. Just buy trumpets, use your pots and pans at home, and wear polka-dot-print clothes (just buy trumpets, use your pots and pans at home, and wear polka-dot-print clothes) “During the signing, Domagoso said on social media.

Firecrackers and similar devices are prohibited during the holidays, according to the Philippine National Police, and each police station will cooperate with the local government to select and monitor the zones where fireworks are permitted.

Domagoso advised Manila residents to save their money rather than spend it on fireworks and pyrotechnics, citing the ongoing threat of the coronavirus disease 2019.

In accordance with the provisions of Republic Act 7183, or the An Act Regulating the Sale, Manufacture, and Use of Firecrackers and Other Pyrotechnic Devices, and the promotion of health and safety and the general welfare of the people, violators will be fined at least PHP20,000 but not more than PHP30,000, or imprisoned for at least six months but not more than one year, or both, at the discretion of the court, in accordance with Section 16 of Republic Act No

The local government will prohibit the offending individual, association, organization, or fireworks supplier from participating in any future fireworks displays in the city.

Anyone injured or killed as a result of the fireworks display is solely the responsibility of the violators.

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